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Zemi Matching

Registering the Class (Zemi Matching)

Registering the class (Zemi Maching) on the classroom which is a learning management system

(You can login here)

You should login using your stu.hosei.ac.jp domain account. From the site of mailing tool software on xxxx@stu.hosei.ac.jp you can click the botton of 'more tools' and should select 'Classroom'.

So 'more', to click.

Caution:If you can not login to Classroom, you are able to login again
after you should logout all the google accounts,
bacause this stu.hosei.ac.jp account is one of google accounts.

Register the class

You can click the button, , over the right side and input the class code.

Class Codes



Zemi Matching at Business Administration Dept.


Zemi Matching at Business Administration Dept.

The following screen is displayed.



Clicking the buttons which are specified by Student ID, Grade, Male/Female, Mail addr., Name, First/Second/Third. And clicking the Sending button.

Checking priority by zemi teacher

After you vote an answer, the date are collected at our server automatically. Each zemi person should define the priority (yellow part).

Matching are executing by programs automatically

After all data are collected automatically, the program, Visual Basic Application, will matchging each data.

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